Anne Sabourin

Anne Sabourin is a scenographer, designer, director and performer. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the School of Architecture of the Université de Montréal as well as professional training in dance. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in arts studies and practices at UQAM. She has worked for various firms in architecture and energy efficiency. She has also designed several scenographies, notably for the Ballets de la Parenthèse, Territoire 80, the DR collective and the Musée des Ondes Émile Berliner. She has collaborated with artist Rose-Marie Goulet on various architectural and visual installation projects. In collaboration with Christian Leblanc, she has created and directed various plays including Le Vestibule and La couleur du gris presented at Théâtre Espace libre. Anne has been teaching as a lecturer at Concordia University since 2015.

Title of scientific project: The experience of architecture activated, revealed, intensified by the scenographic system

The research-creation project aims to develop an in situ device that has an agentivity conducive to experimenting with architecture in a sensitive manner. A scenographic device, like a catalyst, that activates, intensifies and reveals architecture; a journey that stages architecture and gives it the leading role. At the theoretical level, the research project will contribute to the knowledge of the modalities of the architectural experience, while at the practical level, it will identify staging principles and scenographic mechanisms that will allow the integration of the subject in all its dimensions in future architectural and scenographic projects.