Carmela Cucuzzella published a new book

Carmela Cucuzzella published a new book, Analyzing Eco-Architecture Beyond Performance, at JFD Editions.

At a time when environmental architecture is proliferating in all its forms around the world, adopting ever more complex sets of tools, this book provides an overview of the state of the field. It provides a critical introduction to the study of environmentalism in architecture. Written especially for students and researchers who work in the field of environmental architecture, this book reveals the spectrum of approaches practiced today.

The text includes:

  • An abridged history and overview of environmentalism in the field of architecture.
  • A clear methodology for analyzing the included 29 cases, which can also be adopted for further guidance in a variety of architectural design projects.
  • Assessments of 29 buildings: 10 libraries, 10 museums and 9 university buildings from around the world.
  • Analyzing Eco-Architecture: Beyond Performance is essential reading for students, researchers and practitioners involved in the study and design of environmental architecture today.