The LEAP team now includes 12 researchers from the 4 universities of Montreal

The inter-university and interdisciplinary team includes : Carmela Cucuzzella (Concordia), Jean-Pierre Chupin (UdeM), Louise Pelletier (UQAM), Louis Martin (UQAM), Virginie LaSalle (UdeM), Denis Bilodeau (UdeM), Bechara Helal (UdeM), Georges Adamczyk (UdeM), Ipek Türeli (McGill), Cynthia Hammond (Concordia), Thomas-Bernard Kenniff (UQAM) and Anne Cormier (UdeM).

Mandana Bafghinia, doctoral student, receives a Cardinal and Hardy scholarship for her research project

Mandana Bafghinia, doctoral student in architecture under the direction of Jean-Pierre Chupin, receives the Cardinal and Hardy scholarship, valued at $8,000, for the research project "Habiter les toits, dialogue in the shadow of high-rise buildings", attached to the Research Chair in Architecture, Competitions and Mediations of Excellence (...) more

Sherif Goubran appointed as an instructor at the American University in Cairo (AUC-Egypt)

Sherif Goubran, PhD Candidate in the Individualized program working under the supervision of Dr. Carmela Cuccuzzella at Concordia University, will commence his appointment as an instructor at the Department of Architecture at AUC this fall. In his new assignment, he will be teaching and expanding the department's research activities in the area of sustainable and green building design (...) more

Lucie Palombi, doctoral student, receives a FRQSC scholarship for her research project

Lucie Palombi, individualized doctoral student under the supervision of Jean-Pierre Chupin, receives a doctoral research scholarship from the Fonds de Recherche Société et Culture du Québec, worth $77,000 over 4 years (from 2020 to 2024) for the research project entitled "La mise en compétition de l'écriture en architecture. Herméneutique du texte (...) more

Anne Sabourin, doctoral student at UQAM, receives two doctoral scholarships

Anne Sabourin, doctoral student at UQAM under the supervision of Louise Pelletier, receives the Doctoral Research Scholarship from the Fonds de recherche du Québec - Société et culture, as well as The Return to Studies Scholarship from the University of (...) more

Cynthia Hammond has been awarded a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant for the project, “La ville extraordinaire: Learning from older Montrealers' urban knowledge through oral history research-creation”

Working with LEAP team member, Denis Bilodeau and a team of seven other professors and community partners, Cynthia Hammond will be leading a 3-year research-creation project that focuses on the ways (...) more

Carmela Cucuzzella and Anne Cormier awarded a SSRHC Partnership Development Grant

Title: CoLLaboratoire for Activating Multi-Modal Mobility (CAM): One Public Space at a Time Chair Ideas-be (Leap@Concordia) Co-Applicants: Anne Cormier, Zackary Patterson, Carolyn Hatch Partners: City of Montreal,  CRE Montreal, Jalon MTL, Velo Mtl,. The overall goal of this partnership (...) more

Understanding the Awards of Excellence (Issue 191 of Architecture Québec magazine) : Researchers from LEAP and the Canada Research Chair in Architecture, Competitions and Mediations of Excellence present some results of their recent work on awards of excellence in all areas of design

This special issue on Awards of Excellence does not introduce new winners or reveal any results that were not previously known. Its purpose is to call for more attention to a phenomenon - the celebration of excellence - on which there is strangely little critical attention. What is to be understood from the plethora of award-winning projects, achievements and practices year after year? (...) more


More than 2,800 award-winning projects - designed by more than 1,000 architectural, urban planning and landscape architecture firms in Canada - first recorded in an Atlas of Architectural Excellence (AEA) At the initiative of the Canada Research Chair in Architecture, Competitions and the Mediation of Excellence (CRC-ACME), the  (...) more

Carmela Cucuzzella published a new book

Carmela Cucuzzella published a new book, Analyzing Eco-Architecture Beyond Performance, at JFD Editions. At a time when environmental architecture is proliferating in all its forms around the world, adopting ever more complex sets of tools, this book provides an overview of the state of the field. It provides a critical introduction to the study of environmentalism in architecture. Written especially for (...) more

Louis Martin and Georges Adamczyk publish Melvin Charney's important theoretical texts on architecture in Quebec

From 1964 to 1989, Montreal architect and artist Melvin Charney (1935-2012) published some forty essays dealing with the problems confronting contemporary architecture in Quebec and elsewhere, and describing the works he designed in response. This collection makes accessible to French-speaking (...) more