A mosaic gathering all the LEAP assistants

Many assistants contribute to the smooth running of the Laboratoire d'étude de l'architecture potentielle. The team brings together students from four different universities in Montreal. These are; Université de Montréal, Université du Québec à Montréal, McGill University and Concordia University.


3 seminars on new elementary schools in Quebec

On the themes of the classroom, the gathering space and the relationship to the context, (...) more

LEAP takes part in 27 brainstorming sessions on the determinants of quality in architecture

For three weeks in May 2020, 3 groups of researchers and professionals across Canada participated (...) more

The CRC-ACME coordinates a major research partnership funded by the SSHRC

Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada until 2027, a major research partnership on quality in the built environment brings together - for the first time - 14 universities, 70 researchers and 68 public and private organizations at the municipal, provincial and national (...) more

The FRQSC renews LEAP's team subvention until 2027

The project, entitled Potentials of Architectural Quality: Equity, Sustainability and Cultural Openness, will have Jean-Pierre Chupin (Ph. D.) as team coordinator. The amount of the subvention granted to the LEAP by the FRQSC (support to research teams/university renewal) for this project is $423,420 and will be spread over a 4-year period, thus until 2027! For (...) more

Lucie Palombi, PhD student, participates in a conversation with Phyllis Lambert and Joseph Hillel about the documentary "City Dreamers"

For this 3rd online edition of Docu-conferences, the Université de Montréal Alumni and Donors Network is proud to welcome director Joseph Hillel, a graduate of the Faculty of Continuing Education, as well as two special guests: architect emeritus Phyllis Lambert and doctoral student Lucie Palombi, from the Université de Montréal's Faculty of
 (...) more

Cynthia Hammond has been awarded a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant for the project, “La ville extraordinaire: Learning from older Montrealers' urban knowledge through oral history research-creation”

Working with LEAP team member, Denis Bilodeau and a team of seven other professors and community partners, Cynthia Hammond will be leading a 3-year research-creation project that focuses on the ways (...) more

Carmela Cucuzzella and Anne Cormier awarded a SSRHC Partnership Development Grant

Title: CoLLaboratoire for Activating Multi-Modal Mobility (CAM): One Public Space at a Time Chair Ideas-be (Leap@Concordia) Co-Applicants: Anne Cormier, Zackary Patterson, Carolyn Hatch Partners: City of Montreal,  CRE Montreal, Jalon MTL, Velo Mtl,. The overall goal of this partnership (...) more

The Rise of Awards in Architecture, a new book edited by Chupin, Cucuzzella and Adamczyk

This book is the first scientific study to focus on awards in architecture and the built environment investigating their exponential growth since the 1980s. The celebration of excellence in architecture and related fields remains a phenomenon on which there is strangely little scientific scrutiny. It is now necessary to take a critical distance to question what awards are meant to embody, symbolize, and perhaps measure. (...) more

All Governor General's Medals in Architecture in Canada gathered on a map and a visual gallery

Wednesday, October 27, 2021. The Atlas of Research on Exemplarity in Architecture and the Built Environment, in collaboration with the Canada Council for the Arts and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, presents all buildings and places recipient of a Governor General Medal in Architecture since 1982 on a single interactive map and in a visual gallery (...) more

A new article in the journal "Sustainability" about architectural education strategies (AES) in sustainable buildings for learning environments in Canada

Jean-Pierre Chupin, Morteza Hazbei and Karl-Antoine Pelchat wrote an article in the journal Sustainability (2021, 3, 8166) about architectural education strategies (AES) in sustainable buildings. Their research led them to conclude that there are three strategies for architectural education in buildings designed to disseminate knowledge in the field of sustainable architecture in Canada; the labeling approach, (...) more

How to make the waiting for the bus more attractive and generate more community interest? New open access book

The international student competition inviting creative ways to renew the appeal of public transport during a global health crisis is now the subject of a book. It is available for free access today. Reimagining Waiting for the Bus is an open access book edited by Carmela Cucuzzella, Jean-Pierre Chupin, Emmanuel Rondia and Sherif Goubran and published by Potential Architecture Books (...) more

Louis Martin and Georges Adamczyk publish Melvin Charney's important theoretical texts on architecture in Quebec

From 1964 to 1989, Montreal architect and artist Melvin Charney (1935-2012) published some forty essays dealing with the problems confronting contemporary architecture in Quebec and elsewhere, and describing the works he designed in response. This collection makes accessible to French-speaking (...) more