Seminar around the launch of the book "Canadian Modern Architecture" (2020/02/15) at Canadian Centre for Architecture

On February 15, 2020, Jean-Pierre Chupin and David Theodore discussed the book "Canadian Modern Architecture"  at the Shaughnessy House of the Canadian Centre for (...) more

LEAP Seminar @UdeM (2019/11/27): Publishing in Open Access with Vincent Larivière (Scientific Director of the Érudit Platform)

Open access publications are becoming standardized and it is important for researchers, young and experienced, to become familiar with practices, (...) more

LEAP Seminar @Concordia (2019/10/07): Doctoral seminar "Peered-review journals and publications" with Sherif Goubran, Vanier PhD candidate, Concordia

Doctoral seminar on techniques and approaches to writing articles in international scientific journals or peered-reviewed journals This seminar, addressed to LEAP (...) more


The Canada Research Chair in Architecture, Competitions and Mediations of Excellence is seeking applications for doctoral scholarships. Each grant will come with a research contract and will support a student whose doctoral research will be tightly linked to the research program of the chair, which is dedicated to the study of architectural quality in terms of awards of excellence and competition (...) more


March 28, 2019: Lucie Palombi received the scientific prize, the public prize and the prize for the best summary of the Symposium Perspectives 360 organized by the Association of Higher Cycles of the Faculty of Planning for the presentation of her doctoral project in 6 minutes. The funds were donated by (...) more

Sherif Goubran receives the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (2018-2021)

Sherif Goubran, doctoral student à Concordia University (dir. Carmela Cucuzzella) receives the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (2018-2021) for academic excellence and community involvement. (...) more

Anne Sabourin, doctoral student at UQAM, receives two doctoral scholarships

Anne Sabourin, doctoral student at UQAM under the supervision of Louise Pelletier, receives the Doctoral Research Scholarship from the Fonds de recherche du Québec - Société et culture, as well as The Return to Studies Scholarship from the University of (...) more

Carmela Cucuzzella and Anne Cormier awarded a SSRHC Partnership Development Grant

Title: CoLLaboratoire for Activating Multi-Modal Mobility (CAM): One Public Space at a Time Chair Ideas-be (Leap@Concordia) Co-Applicants: Anne Cormier, Zackary Patterson, Carolyn Hatch Partners: City of Montreal,  CRE Montreal, Jalon MTL, Velo Mtl,. The overall goal of this partnership is to raise awareness and encourage behavior shifts towards more sustainable urban mobility by understanding how public spaces can become knowledge exchange nodes. Its aims (...) more

The Concordia IDEAS-BE team presents an interactive installation on the domestic uses of energy

Under the coordination of Professor Carmela Cucuzzella, the IDEAS-BE team (Sherif Goubran, Anghelos Coulon, Gabriel Pena, Firdous Nizar, Aristofanis Soulikias, Morteza Hazbei), presents an interactive installation inviting visitors to estimate their stay at the Espace ESPACE 4 space of Concordia University and the event's framework: NextGenCities The interactive interface of the installation allows users to control their comfort while learning (...) more

At the UQAM Design Center, LEAP is supporting the exhibition BETWEEN TWO: AN ARCHITECTURE OF RESONANCE

Louise Pelletier, directrice du Centre de design a invité l’agence Ferrier Marchetti studio à présenter ses projets les plus récents traitant de la sensorialité et de la sensualité dans l’espace urbain. Du 3 octobre au 10 novembre 2019 Trois membres du LEAP (Georges, Adamczyk, Anne Cormier et Louise Pelletier) participent à (...) more

LEAP Notebooks #3: On the Potential of Didacticism in Architecture (winter 2019)

Issue #3 of the Cahiers de recherche du LEAP Research Notebooks, coordinated by Carmela Cucuzzella and Cynthia Hammond with Sherif Goubran and Chanelle Lalonde /  Guest scholars: Louise Pelletier (Design, Uqam), Nicola Pezolet (Art History, Concordia). Discover issue #3 on the page dedicated by Potential Architecture Books: here. (...) more

(Winter 2019) 5 doctoral students at inter university LEAP lab receive a financial support taken on the FRQSC infrastructure grant (2016-2020)

Angie Arsenault (Concordia, dir. Cynthia Hammond), Morteza Hazbei et Aristofanis Soulikias (Concordia, dir. Carmela Cucuzzella), Aurélien Catros et Lucie Palombi (UdeM, dir. Jean-Pierre Chupin).