Leap annual seminar at Concordia University (On Didacticism in Architecture)  / coordinated by Carmela Cucuzzella and Cynthia Hammond (April 7th, 2018) /  Guest scholars: Louise Pelletier (Design, Uqam), Nicola Pezolet (Art History, Concordia)

LEAP Seminar @UdeM (2018/08/27): Elisavet Kiourtsoglou, "Architecture, Music, Xenakis and other Postdoctoral Inquiries"

Dr. Elisavet Kiourtsoglou (Paris 8) will present her extensive doctoral research crossing the fields of architecture and music and will introduce a new series of postdoctoral inquiries she intends to develop within the LEAP lab.

LEAP Annual Seminar 2018: On Didacticism in Architecture

Saturday April 7th 2018 (Concordia University) Coordinated by Carmela Cucuzzella and Cynthia Hammond Guest scholars: Louise Pelletier (Design, Uqam), Nicola Pezolet (Art History, Concordia)

LEAP Seminar at the World Design Summit (2017-10-19) : Is Research-Creation Design Thinking?

Table ronde dirigée par Anne Cormier, coorganisatrice du Sommet Mondial (...) more

Appointment of Cynthia Hammond as Director of the Center for Oral History and Digital Storytelling (CODHS)

Dr Cynthia Imogen Hammond is Associate Professor and former Chair of the Department of Art History, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. During her postdoctoral fellowship at the School of Architecture, McGill University, she studied the relationships between architecture, philanthropy, and gender. In 2012 she published Architects, Angels, Activists and the City of Bath, 1765-1965 (Ashgate), in which she analyses the politics (...) more

Sherif Goubran receives the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (2018-2021)

Sherif Goubran, doctoral student à Concordia University (dir. Carmela Cucuzzella) receives the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (2018-2021) for academic excellence and community involvement. (...) more

Tiphaine Abenia - Lauréate de la Bourse Palladio 2017

Félicitations à Tiphaine Abenia, lauréate de la Bourse Palladio 2017 (Pour son travail de thèse intitulé "Le projet d'architecture contemporain à l'épreuve du reclassement : catégorisation des potentiels de la structure urbaine abandonnée", Tiphaine Abenia (directeurs : Jean-Pierre Chupin et Daniel Estevez) (La bourse de la Fondation Palladio soutient des (...) more

LEAP Notebooks #2: Heteronomy, Autonomy (winter 2018)

Publication of a second issue of texts on contemporary architecture: Cahiers de recherche du LEAP Research notebooks #02 Issue edited by Louis Martin and Jonathan Lachance dedicated to the Potential of Heteronomy and Autonomy in Architecture with invited scholar Prof. Paolo Amaldi (ENSA Versailles). (...) more

(winter 2018) 5 doctoral students at LEAP receive a support grant

5 doctoral students at LEAP receive a support grant taken on the FRQSC infrastructure grant (2016-2020) Elijah Borrero (McGill, dir. David Theodore), Alessandra Mariani (Uqam, dir. Louis Martin), Sherif Goubran (Concordia, dir. Carmela Cucuzzella), Alexandra Paré et Mandana Bafghinia (UdeM, dir. Jean-Pierre Chupin).

New Book (Translation): Competing for Excellence in Architecture (editorials from the Canadian Competitions Catalogue, 2006 – 2016) Edited by Jean-Pierre Chupin

Montreal, Potential Architecture Books, 322 pages, October 2017   ISBN 978-0-9921317-5-3   A travel guide for those in search of architectural quality, this book can be browsed in many ways. Written in a clear and concise manner by about thirty authors, it features a collection of editorials from the Canadian Competitions Catalogue (CCC), a large online digital archive open to the public since (...) more

Make your maps of excellence on www.MONTREAL-ARCHIMAP.ca

Discover the cartographic device MONTREAL-ARCHIMAP. The team of the Research Chair on Competitions and Contemporary Practices in Architecture embarked on the design and implementation of a cartographic application highlighting contemporary architecture in Montreal for the 375th anniversary of Montreal. (Nicholas Roquet and Jean-Pierre Chupin in collaboration with Humaneco.ca).