Carmela Cucuzzella and professors from UQAM, ULaval and the University of Montreal organize a conference for the next ACFAS 2020

The second edition of the Intersections du design symposium will take place on May 4 and 5, 2020, during the 88th Acfas congress in Sherbrooke. Entitled “Caring through design”, it seeks to examine what kind of insight the concept of care can offer to research and practices currently carried out in the design disciplines. Organized over two days, its purpose is to bring together speakers from the different fields of research and practice in design, including researchers and researcher-creators (emerging or confirmed), practitioners and designers (established or at the start of their careers), graduate students. In a spirit of mutual fertilization and diversity, the presentations of the students will be mixed with those of the researchers, researchers-creators and practitioners. This conference is led by a plural organizing committee made up of representatives from four Quebec Schools of Design, associating Concordia University, Laval University, the University of Montreal and the University of Quebec in Montreal. In partnership with the journal Sciences du Design, the research group Design, innovations and humanisms, the research group Design and society, the Interdisciplinary research center in operationalization of sustainable development (CIRODD), the Concordia Integrated Design Research Chair, Ecology And Sustainability for the Built Environment (IDEAS-BE), and the UQAM Research Chair in Design for E-Mental Health (DIAMENT).