More than 2,800 award-winning projects – designed by more than 1,000 architectural, urban planning and landscape architecture firms in Canada – first recorded in an Atlas of Architectural Excellence (AEA)

At the initiative of the Canada Research Chair in Architecture, Competitions and the Mediation of Excellence (CRC-ACME), the Atlas of Excellence in Architecture (AEA) is taking shape with the publication of the first historical directory of award-winning projects and achievements.

A prototype of a decentralized and collective digital platform, the AEA is intended to gather data on the quality of built environments. In conjunction with the establishment of a research network, it is intended to offer the information necessary for the dissemination, understanding, training and constitution of quality mediation policies and actions aimed at excellence at all levels. The data, information, analyses, comparisons and visualizations that will gradually be delivered on the open access platform will be based on all the award-winning achievements in Canada. Thanks to the coordination of the awarding institutions and professional teams, the general public can already take the measure of the repertoire of best practices in all areas of the built environment.

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