Seminar around the launch of the book “Canadian Modern Architecture” (2020/02/15) at Canadian Centre for Architecture

On February 15, 2020, Jean-Pierre Chupin and David Theodore discussed the book “Canadian Modern Architecture”  at the Shaughnessy House of the Canadian Centre for Architecture (at 3 p.m.). This reference book is edited by Elsa Lam and Graham Livesey, and forword is by Kenneth Frampton. It examines how the practice of architecture has changed in Canada and how Canadian architects have interpreted international trends, regional and indigenous architectural trends, with a focus on Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. The conversation focussed on Canadian competitions and commission cultures in an international context.

Viveca Pattison Robichaud, Jean-Pierre Chupin, David Theodore, Elsa Lam (Photo. Mandana Bafghinia, 2020)