LEAP Seminar @UdeM (2018/08/27): Charlotte Lheureux, Architectures du rythme et rythmes d’architecture

Please note that the next LEAP seminar gathering scholars and doctorate student will occur on Monday October 15th at 17h30 @UdeM (@2071). Our guest scholar will be Mrs Charlotte Lheureux, PhD candidate at LOCI (Belgium), presently doing a residency at Uqam on the theme : Architectures du rythme, et rythmes d’architecture Entre conflit étymologique et connaissance empirique, l’apport de l’analyse esthétique.

Graduated from the Higher Institute of Architecture Saint-Luc (be), Charlotte Lheureux has been working for 7 years as a collaborator at the ZigZag agency (Lille, fr) and as a teaching and research assistant within the faculty LOCI (UCL, be). His thesis questions the transversality of the concept of rhythm, and the possibilities of his writing in the arts. Member of various inter artistic think tanks – Dialogue between Art and Research (Lille III, fr), Association of Researchers in Dance (fr) or Interdisciplinary Research Group in Living Arts (Uqàm, ca), Charlotte Lheureux completes her doctoral path by a training at the Conservatoire de musique, as well as various workshops and workshops in contemporary dance. In addition to these activities, she regularly collaborates with cultural organizations as an independent journalist. She is the author of numerous articles for magazines in Belgium and Canada (art itself, A +, news feeds, Life Arts, etc.). In 2015 and 2017, she co-organizes the Public Contracting Award, at the initiative of the architecture unit of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Finally, it ensures for the same cell the scientific co-direction of the Guide of modern and contemporary architecture Tournai and Wallonie Picarde, published in 2017 by Mardaga editions.