Doctoral Thesis Defence – – Bechara Helal (Director Jean-Pierre Chupin) – January 30th 2017


« The Laboratories of Architecture – Epistemological Inquiry into a Historical Paradigme »

Architectural sites and practices are commonly described in terms borrowed from the arts (studio, creation, masterpiece) and yet, the architectural field relies increasingly on scientific terms (laboratory experimentation, research). This contemporary interest in activities related to scientific research appears to coalesce around the now common notion of “architectural laboratory”. Its first materialization dates back to the late nineteenth century and its presence has greatly increased since the recent “digital turn”, although this term remains, to this day, still not properly defined. What is an “architectural laboratory”? What elements form its theoretical model? What are the issues related to the emergence of the figure of the “architectural laboratory”? Why and for what purpose do architects refer to the figure of the laboratory?


  • President of the Jury: Lachapelle, Jacques, Ph. D. Faculté de l’aménagement – Architecture Thesis Director: Chupin, Jean-Pierre, Ph. D. Faculté de l’aménagement – Architecture
  • Jury members : Boudon, Pierre, Ph. D. Faculté de l’aménagement – Architecture, External reviewer : Galvin Terrance, Ph. D. École d’architecture McEwen de l’Université Laurentienne, Dean Representative : Torres Michel, Juan José, Ph. D. Faculté de l’aménagement, Vice-Dean


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