New book « Sustainable Architecture – Between Measurement and Meaning » by Carmela Cucuzzella and Sherif Goubran

Carmela Cucuzzella (Concordia University) and Sherif Goubran (American University in Cairo) co-edit a new book, “Sustainable Architecture – Between Measurement and Meaning”.

Sustainable Architecture – Between Measurement and Meaning takes a step back to reflect on how sustainability in the built environment can be theorized and practiced critically. This book exposes that architecture remains a human and social science that lies at the intersection of measurements and meanings. It reveals that sustainable architecture can still operate in a dialectic space of expression, rather than serving as a manifesto for either the technical or socio-cultural extremes. It purports that the human intuition, senses, and skills still holds the key to unravelling alternative futures of sustainable built spaces. And that most importantly, humans still have a place in sustainable architecture.

It includes chapters from Anne Cormier (Université de Montreal), Nada Tarkhan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)), Tom Jefferies (Queen’s University Belfast), Laura Coucill (Manchester School of Architecture), Izabel Amaral (Laurentian University), Ted Cavanagh (Dalhousie University)