Designing With Uncertainty: Encouraging Participative Thinking in the Design Studio

Chapitre Kenniff, Thomas-Bernard, (2022), Vernon Press, This chapter explores the social significance of uncertainty and its role in design education. It suggests that uncertainty has the potential to tie students’ critical thinking with knowledge production in university and in practice by exposing the ways in which design methods and processes are devised, institutionalized, and incrementally […]

An inventory of the street: Case studies from Montréal

Chapitre Lévesque, Carole, Kenniff, Thomas-Bernard, (2023), UCL Press, The inventory is presented as a research-by-design and pedagogical approach whose process and form engage with the street as a multitude while highlighting its complexity and significance for urban public space. By bringing together exhaustive observation and recording of urban phenomena with their representation in ways that […]

Québec, relations et échanges

Chapitre Chupin, Jean-Pierre, Giraldeau, François, (2022), Éditions Locus Solus, Paris, L’architecture en ses écoles – Une encyclopédie du XXe siècle