Doctoral Thesis Defence - - Jonathan Lachance (Director Louis Martin) - March 17th 2017

« Les fondements architecturaux et écologiques de l’Environmental Design aux États-Unis : 1953-1975 »

Under the supervision of professor Louis Martin at UQAM, the thesis examines the nature of the intersection in between Environmental Design and the natural sciences, and its effects on architecture both as a discipline and as a profession in the 1960s’. The first chapter retraces the origins of the discipline of Environmental Design in the 1950s’ in the teachings of Serge Chermayeff at Harvard and in the College (...) more

Launching of the new Cahiers de recherche du LEAP Research Notebooks

Launching of the new Cahiers de recherche du LEAP Research Notebooks (Du potentiel des grandes structures urbaines abandonnées / On the Potential of Abandoned Large Urban Structures) with heads of schools represented at LEAP. April 5th, 2017, AME room 1150, 18h00.

Abandoned building, modern ruin, urban ghost, skeleton property, deserted structure … these are some of the words used in an attempt to circumscribe the phenomenon of abandoned city fragments. This abandonment, whether partial or total, temporary or long-term, is (...) more

Doctoral Thesis Defence - - Bechara Helal (Director Jean-Pierre Chupin) - January 30th 2017

« The Laboratories of Architecture - Epistemological Inquiry into a Historical Paradigme » Architectural sites and practices are commonly described in terms borrowed from the arts (studio, creation, masterpiece) and yet, the architectural field relies increasingly on scientific terms (laboratory experimentation, research). This contemporary interest in activities related to scientific research appears to coalesce around the now common notion of "architectural laboratory". Its first materialization dates back to the late nineteenth century and its presence has greatly increased (...) more

Jean-Pierre Chupin, Carmela Cucuzzella and Bechara Helal are co-leading a new book on international competitions

« Architecture Competitions and the production of Culture, Quality and Knowledge - An International Inquiry » This book comprises a series of 22 case studies from renowned experts and new scholars in the field of architecture competition research. In 2015, it constitutes the most comprehensive survey of the dynamics behind the definition, organization, judging, archiving and publishing of architectural, landscape and urban design competitions in the world. These richly documented contributions revolve around a few questions that can be summarized in a two fold critical interrogation : How can design competitions - these historical democratic devices, both praised and dreaded by designers - be considered laboratories for the production of environmental design quality, and, ultimately, for the renewing of culture and knowledge ? (...) more

New book : « Concourir à l'excellence en architecture - Éditoriaux du Catalogue des Concours Canadiens (2006-2016) »

Fruit d’efforts collectifs, ce livre se parcourt de multiples façons, tel un guide de voyage dans la recherche de la qualité architecturale. Les textes qui composent cet ouvrage collectif, rédigés par une trentaine d’auteurs, renvoient aux ressources du Catalogue des Concours Canadiens (CCC), grande archive numérique ouverte en ligne au public depuis 2006. Ces éditoriaux proposent une sélection d’une soixantaine de concours couvrant les 70 dernières années de l’histoire canadienne avec un accent particulier sur la période contemporaine. L’œuvre est collective puisque (...) more

Round Table and Exhibition : « Une architecture du Québec Moderne 1958-1974 (PGL)»

Round Table and Exhibition organized by Georges Adamczyk and Louis Martin (and Réjean Legault) : « Une architecture du Québec Moderne 1958-1974 (PGL) » Exhibition promoted by the LEAP,  Université de Montréal
  • Animation : Jean-Pierre Chupin (UdeM).
  • Including : Georges Adamczyck (UdeM), Louis Martin (UQAM), Carlo Carbone (UQAM), Réjean Legault (UQAM)

4 PhD students @LEAP receive support grant

Doctoral candidates: Adrienne Costa (UdeM), Mandana Bafghinia (UdeM), Sherif Goubran (Concordia) and Alessandra Mariani (UQAM) each receive a LEAP support grant in March 2017 thanks to our FRQSC infrastructure