3 seminars on new elementary schools in Quebec


On the themes of the classroom, the gathering space and the relationship to the context, 3 videos from the CRC-ACME put into debate teams from the 5 competitions organized by LabÉcole for new elementary schools in Quebec.

Produced by the Canada Research Chair in Architecture, Competitions and Mediations of Excellence, this set of 3 videos presents excerpts from 3 roundtables recorded in January and February 2021 with design teams of the projects submitted to the 5 competitions organized by Lab-École.

These winning projects, finalists or submitted in the first phase of the competitions for the sites of Saguenay, Shefford, Maskinongé, Rimouski and Gatineau in 2020 were presented in the exhibition Devoirs d’architecture at the Centre de design de l’UQAM from September 2020 to February 2021. The pandemic did not allow the general public to discover these 160 projects for new elementary school in Quebec. These debates allow us to take the measure of the richness of the proposals.


1 – The round table on the theme of The Classroom and Collaborative Spaces presents different physical and spatial devices imagined by Quebec architects to rethink spaces dedicated to teaching and learning.
– Panelists : Étienne Bernier, Christian Bisson, Jean-Pierre Chupin, Andréanne Dumont, Jérôme Duval, Bechara Helal, Sergio Morales, Alexandra Paré, Hubert Pelletier, Nathaniel Proulx Joannisse
– Special thanks to Bechara Helal
– Organization: Jean-Pierre Chupin and Alexandra Paré
– Video editing : Julien Bouthillier
– The organizers thank the three main partners of the exhibition: Lab-École, Centre de design de l’UQAM, Laboratoire d’étude de l’architecture potentielle
2021 – Canada Research Chair in Architecture, Competitions and Mediations of Excellence (www.crc.umontreal.ca)

2 – The round table on the theme of The Gathering Space presents a few variations and the dilemmas faced by the design teams become evident. Between spaces dedicated to very specific activities and “all-purpose spaces”, architects must harmonize proposals. The versatility of spatial devices has its qualities, but it can quickly demonstrate its limitations.
– Panelists: Randy Cohen, Katarina Cernacek, Jean-Pierre Chupin, Virginie LaSalle, Marie-Hélène Nollet, Alexandra Paré, Charles Laurence Proulx, Geneviève Riopel
– Special thanks to Virginie LaSalle
– Organization: Jean-Pierre Chupin and Alexandra Paré
– Video editing : Julien Bouthillier
– The organizers thank the three main partners of the exhibition: Lab-École, Centre de design de l’UQAM, Laboratoire d’étude de l’architecture potentielle
2021 – Canada Research Chair in Architecture, Competitions and Mediations of Excellence (www.crc.umontreal.ca)

3 – The roundtable on the theme of The School and its Context shows that a standard cannot satisfy the complexity and richness of a given site, and even more so that architectural programs need to be always adapted to their context.
– Panelists: Philippe Ashby, Martin Brière, Jean-Pierre Chupin, Thomas-Bernard Kenniff, Guillaume Marcoux, Catherine Milanese, Lucie Paquet, Jessy Paquet-Methot, Alexandra Paré
– Organization: Jean-Pierre Chupin and Alexandra Paré
– Video editing : Julien Bouthillier
– Special thanks to Thomas-Bernard Kenniff
– The organizers thank the three main partners of the exhibition: Lab-École, Centre de design de l’UQAM, Laboratoire d’étude de l’architecture potentielle
2021 – Canada Research Chair in Architecture, Competitions and Mediations of Excellence (www.crc.umontreal.ca)


TO ACCESS THE 3 VIDEOS: https://vimeo.com/showcase/7619270

International Seminar on the Role of Competitions in Quality Policies (2021/01/12 and 19)


In January 2021, these public activities are organized by Jean-Pierre Chupin, jointly with Tina Gregoric and Thomas Amann of the Vienna University of Technology in Austria (TU Wien) with the participation of LEAP researchers Carmela Cucuzzella (Concordia) and Bechara Helal (Université de Montréal).

Presented under the title Policies and Qualities, the two meetings will bring together several specialists of architectural projects developed in the framework of competitions.

Tuesday, January 12, 6 to 8 pm CET (12 to 2 pm in Montreal)

Competitions as political devices for cities

Speakers : Georg Pendl, Carmela Cucuzzella, Typhaine Moogin, Astrid Staufer.

Moderators: Jean-Pierre, Tina Gregoric

Tuesday, January 19, 6 to 8 p.m. CET (12 to 2 p.m. in Montreal)

Competitions as laboratories for innovation

Speakers : Bechara Helal, Wilfried Kühn, Benjamin Hossbach, Lili Pschill & Ali Seghatoleslami.

Moderators: Jean-Pierre, Thomas Amann

Live streaming link: https://www.youtube.com/gbltuwien




Seminar around the launch of the book “Canadian Modern Architecture” (2020/02/15) at Canadian Centre for Architecture


On February 15, 2020, Jean-Pierre Chupin and David Theodore participated in a discussion about the book “Canadian Modern Architecture” on the occasion of its launch at the Shaughnessy House of the Canadian Centre for Architecture (at 3:00 pm). This reference book is edited by Elsa Lam and Graham Livesey, with a preface by Kenneth Frampton. It examines how the practice of architecture has changed in Canada and how Canadian architects have interpreted international, regional and Aboriginal architectural trends, with a focus on Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. The conversation focused on Canadian competition and commissioning cultures in an international context.

Viveca Pattison Robichaud, Jean-Pierre Chupin, David Theodore, Elsa Lam (Photo. Mandana Bafghinia, 2020)

LEAP Seminar @Concordia (2019/10/07): Doctoral seminar “Peered-review journals and publications” with Sherif Goubran, Vanier PhD candidate, Concordia

Doctoral seminar on techniques and approaches to writing articles in international scientific journals or peered-reviewed journals

This seminar, addressed to LEAP PhD students only, will describe the sources of information, resources for identifying scientific journals based on key words, as well as the basic principles for dealing with the principles of double-blind reading.

LEAP Seminar @UdeM (2019/11/27): Publishing in Open Access with Vincent Larivière (Scientific Director of the Érudit Platform)

Open access publications are becoming standardized and it is important for researchers, young and experienced, to become familiar with practices, platforms (scholar or other) and especially the main issues of “open access” (rights, etc.). ).

International expert on these complex issues, Professor Vincent Larivière has kindly agreed to meet LEAP researchers on Wednesday 27 November from 17:30 to 19:15.

Vincent Larivière is a tenured professor at the School of Library and Information Science at the Université de Montréal, where he teaches research methods in the field of information sciences and bibliometrics.

He is also Scientific Director of the Érudit platform, Deputy Scientific Director of the Observatory of Science and Technology and a regular member of the Interuniversity Center for Research on Science and Technology.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology and Society (UQAM), a Master’s degree in History of Science (UQAM) and a Ph.D. in Information Science (McGill), and also completed a postdoctoral fellowship Department of Information and Librarianship, Indiana University.

An International Seminar with Two of the Biggest Experts of School Architecture for Children

Mark Dudek (Architecte, Londres) “How Architecture Learns from Children” + Adam Wood (Chercheur en sciences sociales, Londres) “City Schools as Meeting Places: How, of What, for Whom?”,

Samedi 1er juin 2019, amphi 3110, Faculté de l’aménagement, Université de Montréal (9h00 — 12h00).

Ces conférences sont obligatoires pour les participants au concours étudiant sur l’architecture des écoles

LEAP annual seminar and international symposium (+LéaV) : Lieux et rituels de l’utopie et de la dystopie (Architecture de la catastrophe)


Colloque international fruit d’une collaboration entre le LEAP (Montréal) et le LéaV (Versailles). Du mardi 14 mai à 16h00 au jeudi 16 mai à 16h00 dans la salle 1150 du pavillon de la Faculté de l’aménagement. Pour tous renseignements contacter le professeur Jean-Pierre Chupin : jean-pierre.chupin@umontreal.ca

Entrée libre sur inscription à leap.labo@gmail.com



Mardi 14 mai (Conférence et débat d’ouverture)

16h00 – Mot de monsieur Raphaël Fischler, doyen de la Faculté de l’aménagement de l’UdeM

16h10 – Présentations du colloque international par Jean-Pierre Chupin (LEAP@UdeM)

16h30 – Paolo Amaldi (LéaV) et Carmela Cucuzzella (LEAP@Concordia) / Résumé de la rencontre du 19 et 20 octobre 2018 à l’ENSA de Versailles

17h00 – Annalisa Viati Navone (LéaV) De l’unité d’urgence à la villa au bord de la mer :  La destruction imaginée par Marco Zanuso

17h30 – Conférence d’ouverture : Philippe Potié (LéaV) /  L’architecture ou les lendemains de l’Apocalypse

18h30 – Cocktail de bienvenue


Mercredi 15 mai

8h30 – Accueil des participants

9h00 – Anne Cormier (LEAP@UdeM) + Alexandra Paré (Doctorante@UdeM) /Aldo van Eyck : Jouer sur les lieux de la catastrophe

9h30 – Georges Adamczyk (LEAP@UdeM) + Sherif Goubran (Doctorant@Concordia) / Utopia at Home : Mary Otis Stevens and Thomas Mc Nulty’s Lincoln House

10h00 – Suzanne Stacher (LéaV) / Les successeurs de la Tour de Babel, Architectures en forme de spirale face à la crise

10h30 – Pause-café

11h00 – Alessandra Mariani (Doctorante@UQÀM) / Communiquer l’utopie en brouillant l’atmosphère : le Blur Building de Diller + Scofidio

11h30 – Isabella Pasqualini (LéaV) /  Weltuntergang : L’inquiétante étrangeté des “incantations créatrices” chez les artistes invoquant la destruction de l’existant et la création d’un monde fantastique

12h00 – Période de débat

12h30 – Pause lunch

14h30 – Carmela Cucuzzella (LEAP@Concordia) + Arisotofanis Souliakis (Doctorant@Concordia) / Cinematographic Representations of Detroit between no-place and the-place

15h00 – Alfonso Pinto (ENS Lyon) / Imaginaires cinématographiques de l’épidémie : L’urbain aux temps des pestilences

15h30 – Emanuel Licha (Études cinématograpiques@UdeM) / Représenter les conflits : l’ ”hôtelisation” du regard

16h00 – Pause-café + projections cinématographiques

16h30 – David Malaud + Maud Nys (Doctorants LéaV) / Cedric Price. Du travail au jeu : une utopie de l’impermanence

17h00 – Tiphaine Abenia (ENSA Toulouse) /Utopie réalisée cherche opportunités de réactualisation : Le cas de la Ökohaus (Frei Otto, 1987, Berlin)

17h30 – Regards et commentaires sur la journée par Denis Bilodeau (LEAP@UdeM)


Jeudi 16 mai 2019

8h30 – Accueil des participants

9h00 – Pierre Boudon (LEAP@UdeM) + Lucie Palombi (Doctorante@UdeM) / La traversée du paysage : Punta Pite, Chili

9h30 – Jean-Pierre Chupin (LEAP@UdeM) + Aurélien Catros (Doctorant@UdeM) / Burning Man (Black Rock City) : consumer ou consommer l’hétérotopie ?

10h00 – Louise Pelletier (LEAP@UQÀM) + Anne Sabourin (Doctorante@UQÀM) / L’utopie et la dystopie architecturale dans l’oeuvre de Michel Houellebecq et J.G. Ballard

10h30 – Pause-café

11h00 – Mathilde Lavenu (ENSA Clermont-Ferrand) / L’architecture des “inorganisés” : les mille clubs, témoins édifiés d’une utopie ?

11h30 – Cynthia Hammond (LEAP@Concordia) + Alex Tigchelaar (Doctorant@Concordia) / The ‘Red Light’ District of Montréal and the Spatial Politics of Sex Work

12h00 – Période de débat

12h30 – Pause lunch (+ Rencontre de coordination des chercheurs du LEAP)

14h00 – Bechara Helal (UdeM) + Morteza Hazbei (Doctorant@Concordia) / Les machines à utopies : Modèles et instruments du laboratoire architectural

14h30 – Brent Patterson (Doctorant EHESS Paris) / Subjectivités et représentations complexes : volonté politique et l’esprit de l’utopie pendant une catastrophe. Le cas du siège de Sarajevo.

15h00 – Paolo Amaldi (LéaV) / Cata-strophe et architecture : Pensée abstraite VS figure de l’errance

15h30 – Pause-café

16h00 – Regards et commentaires sur la journée par Stephan Kowal (UdeM)

16h30 – Discussion ouverte et clôture de la rencontre par les organisateurs

LEAP Seminar @UdeM (2018/08/27): Charlotte Lheureux, Architectures du rythme et rythmes d’architecture


Please note that the next LEAP seminar gathering scholars and doctorate student will occur on Monday October 15th at 17h30 @UdeM (@2071). Our guest scholar will be Mrs Charlotte Lheureux, PhD candidate at LOCI (Belgium), presently doing a residency at Uqam on the theme : Architectures du rythme, et rythmes d’architecture Entre conflit étymologique et connaissance empirique, l’apport de l’analyse esthétique.

Graduated from the Higher Institute of Architecture Saint-Luc (be), Charlotte Lheureux has been working for 7 years as a collaborator at the ZigZag agency (Lille, fr) and as a teaching and research assistant within the faculty LOCI (UCL, be). His thesis questions the transversality of the concept of rhythm, and the possibilities of his writing in the arts. Member of various inter artistic think tanks – Dialogue between Art and Research (Lille III, fr), Association of Researchers in Dance (fr) or Interdisciplinary Research Group in Living Arts (Uqàm, ca), Charlotte Lheureux completes her doctoral path by a training at the Conservatoire de musique, as well as various workshops and workshops in contemporary dance. In addition to these activities, she regularly collaborates with cultural organizations as an independent journalist. She is the author of numerous articles for magazines in Belgium and Canada (art itself, A +, news feeds, Life Arts, etc.). In 2015 and 2017, she co-organizes the Public Contracting Award, at the initiative of the architecture unit of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Finally, it ensures for the same cell the scientific co-direction of the Guide of modern and contemporary architecture Tournai and Wallonie Picarde, published in 2017 by Mardaga editions.